Chartered Professional Accountant, Certified General Accountant

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Amy Dong, Chartered Professional Accountant,Certified General Accountant has more than eighteen - year professional accounting and tax experience as well as the expertise acquired through both Canadian CPA and US CPA accreditation to help you achieve your financial and taxation goals.

Amy began her accounting career by working for a couple of local accounting firms; then she moved to Computer Science Canada working on Nortel Network's account as a senior Financial Analyst; Beginning from 2002, Amy has begun to develop her own public practice and later on during 2007-2009 she worked as tax specialist on Canada - US cross border taxation for KPMG.

For the most recent six years, she further developed her professional expertise on non-resident, immigration, emigration, Canada and US cross border taxation. Furthermore, she also experienced in preparing and filing past due tax returns for individuals and corporations and meanwhile assisted clients to apply interest and penalty relief through legitimate means .

Amy has been always very enthusiastic about community activities. During year 2001 to 2003, Amy served on Ottawa Chapter Board of Certified General Accountants of Ontario helping to organize, plan and coordinate professional seminars. Over her two-year term, she was awarded for the outstanding service on Ottawa Chapter Board ; Over all these years, she has actively involved in community tax clinic helping students and low-income families file their tax returns.


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